The Greatest Reward As An Adoptive Parent

Some might think it’s the gratitude you feel at being given the opportunity to be a parent. Others might believe it’s the satisfaction of knowing you’re providing a good, stable home for a child in need. And while both of these things are important, the greatest reward as an adoptive parent is undoubtedly the love.

From the moment I first held our beautiful daughter in my arms, I was filled with an indescribable feeling of awe and wonder. I thought I knew what love was. Only I didn’t. In all my life, I never truly understood what it felt like to be a mother. The bond between a parent and a child is like no other. I get it now. Being a mom has given me a whole new perspective. Let me explain.

When you become a mom through adoption you:

  •       Love your child like she was born to you and sometimes forget she wasn’t.
  •       Want to become a better person because she deserves it.
  •       Know you will do whatever you can to protect your child and keep her happy, healthy and safe.
  •       Spend sleepless nights worrying about her when she’s hurt or sick.
  •       Put your child’s needs ahead of your own, always. 
  •       Marvel at your child’s accomplishments and milestones.
  •       Feel immense gratitude for the sacrifice her birth mom made.
  •       Witness a unique blend of nature and nurture that is present in every child who is adopted.
  •       Sometimes feel unworthy of the incredible role you’ve been given in shaping another’s life.
  •       Wonder how you got so lucky to be chosen as the parent to this child.
  •       Truly understand what unconditional love is.

I would have never known such a deep and powerful love if I hadn’t become a parent by adoption. In some ways, I understand this tricky emotion better than I would have had I given birth. Not only have I experienced the unique mother-daughter bond, I’ve witnessed the selfless love an expectant parent displays when she places her child for adoption. I also understand that you don’t have to be blood-related to care deeply about each other and become a strong, healthy family. And I know that my child has so many other people who love her, even if they are not a part of her daily life.

Biology may make us similar to our families, but love is what connects us. It’s this love that is the best part of adoption.